About us

For several decades, we have been specializing in corrosion protection technologies (cathodic protection) and realization of tasks related to the protection of underground gas, fuel, and water transmission pipelines, tanks, installations and other structures as well as subterranean infrastructure. Our many years of experience and expert knowledge in the field of designing, evaluating, measuring, implementing and servicing cathodic protection installations enable us to carry out comprehensive tasks in this field.


We have the necessary professional qualifications in accordance with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 15257:2017 standard as pertaining to underground or submerged metal structures.


Certificates of professional competence in the field of cathodic protection: — Level 3 and Level 4 according to the PN-EN ISO 15257:2017


This certificate is required by the Office of Technical Inspection for, among others, conducting technical inspections, preparing expert reports, evaluating measurement results, analyzing and designing cathodic protection installations.


In accordance with the certificates of professional competencies held by members of our team, we provide investment supervision services for the construction of high-pressure gas transmission pipelines with a diameter of DN1000 and DN700 for OGP Gaz System SA.


We cooperate with many companies in Poland and abroad as well as various technical universities. We maintain regular scientific contact with our alma mater – Gdańsk University of Technology, in particular the Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Electrochemistry, Corrosion and Materials Engineering headed by Prof. Dr Hab. Eng. Kazimierz Darowicki.


The purchasers of our systems, equipment and components are manufacturers and users of fuel tanks, oil companies, military propellant and lubricant depots and individual owners of fuel stations from all over Poland. We use materials and equipment from leading companies to build cathodic protection systems: Atlas Sollich ZSE, Mc Miller, Loresco, DISA, MATCOR, Cath-Tech, Metal Samples, Royston Labs and our own products.

Our specialists

Our main specialist and technical director is Ryszard Ćwiklinski, graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry of Technical University of Gdańsk, Poland in the field of Corrosion and Protection of Metals (1975-1980) and graduate of the Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Technical University of Gdańsk in the Department of Corrosion Protection Technology (1982-1983).


He participated in measurement, design and implementation tasks carried out for OGP Gaz-System SA, WSG Sp. z o.o., PGNiG, PERN, PKN ORLEN and other business entities within the scope of cathodic protection installations; long-time director of “KORCHEM”, a specialized service provider of corrosion protection for the chemical industry, in Włocławek, Poland; Technical manager at Corrstop Sp. z o.o.; specialist in the field of electrochemical corrosion protection, measurement methods and computer techniques used in cathodic protection technology; co-author of expert and technical reports; since 2016 corrosion protection supervision expert and inspector for the Office of the Investment Supervision for the implementation of the Construction of DN700 and DN1000 gas pipelines.


Our team also includes other specialists with equivalent professional qualifications, allowing us to perform various, even very complex tasks in the field of electrochemical corrosion protection.


Design and installation of corrosion protection systems – cathodic protection systems for:
Fuel and gas

transmission pipelines

Underground fuel tanks

and gas tanks

Sewage treatment plants

and sewage collectors

Steel pipelines

for all types of fluids

Bridges and overpasses

Comprehensive protection of objects (bridges, railway and road overpasses) against harmful effects of stray currents caused by railway or tramway lines. Measurement, analysis and design of protective systems.

We specialize in corrosion protection technologies (cathodic protection):


  • we provide expert evaluations of corrosive risks, soil aggressiveness assessments, stray current measurements, and conduct the installation of projects for business partners
  • we produce compact Ti/MMO anodes with different current capacities ranging from 0.25A to 8A with low-resistance carbon backfill and linear anodes
  • We produce complete systems with an external power source upon request
  • We provide supervision and maintenance service


We design and manufacture electrochemical protection systems for underground fuel tanks as well as LPG tanks, sewage treatment plants and other objects in contact with the environment:


  • with an external DC power source (SOK cathodic protection station) and galvanic anodes.
  • We provide long-term warranty for the installations we have made.




Elżbieta Ćwiklińska

ul. Wiesiołkowa 43, 61-680 Poznań

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tel. +48 608 50 60 55        

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email: korchem@o2.pl